bruce & barbarellalala.

is the artist ego of Valeria Zichaeus.

Born end of the year 1970 in Buenos Aires (Argentina)
she grew up bilingually in Buenos Aires, Munich and Frankonia.

     Right from the start
deeply influenced by
her dad (graphic designer, painter) and her uncle (photographer, journalist, writer) - from there adequate
supply with 70s and 80s pop culture icons such as
comics, films, music and fashion.

     She lived, studied and worked in Berlin from 1993 to 2003. Achievements: Bachelor of Arts degree (film,
theater, television, languages), traineeship as creative producer for 3000.films and workshops for tv journalism.

     Working experience
as journalist, translator, copywriter, crossmedia editor, and creative producer.
     Member of Filmbuero Franken since 2004.

     She loves music, to make films, to meet with friends and interesting people, social networking, to dance, to travel, to play ping pong, to capture moments, to communicate...         
                     "Rock the world"

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is the artist ego of Gerd Lombardi.

Born 1969
in Hersbruck (Germany) he grew up in a
farmer's house on the mountained country side.
     Sporty years
 as professional bike racer from 1986 to 1991.
After finishing his technical diploma he soon started to make films. 1993 first award for his shortfilm "The border between heaven and earth" at the frankonian youth filmfestival. 
     In the following years
 he made several advertising-, image- and short films and won awards on international and national film festivals.
He also worked as  freelance production assistant for   television and is now working as tutor for multimedia- and film workshops
     Member and former chairman of the frankonian filmbuero. Co-founder of the international short film festival "24 hs of Nuremberg", "Porno Karaoke Klub" and "Filmrakete".

     He loves to... meet with friends, cook, play ping pong and chess, go trekking and boating, dance, jeet kune do, nature...

"Boom, shake the room"
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