.what we do.

¿You are looking for something really special to
creative and successfull media projects?

We provide you with fancy ideas
professional know-how

.text & translation. 

for web, print and film

Editorial work
: Providing journalistic content,
images and film clips for
magazines, websites, blogs...
Copy write:
 press releases, brochures,
PR & sales campaigns, website content...
Copy adaptation: PR & sales campaigns,
print and web content
, films, website transcreation...
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.creative production.

for film, web, tv

Direction: Realisation of  documentaries,
video clips, features, trailer, reportages, filmlets...

Editing Film-/ video- and sound editing
Artwork: Photography, layout, illustration...


.text & translation.

_World Writers (London, UK)
_Marcellino's Restaurant Report (Düsseldorf, DE)

_Ministry of Sound (London/ Berlin, UK/DE)
_Saarlandmuseum/ Moderne Galerie (Saarbrücken, DE)
_m2m.medien.marken.musik (Hamburg/ Berlin, DE)
_ars.online/ o2 Germany (Nuremberg/Munich, DE)
_AS Auto Verlag (Schwabach, DE)
_La Perleria Mia (Zürich, CH)
_Universal Music (Berlin, DE)

_amplify media (Nuremberg, DE)
_Filmbuero Franken (Nuremberg, DE)

.creative production.
_Symboulos Consulting Ltd. (London/ Nuremberg, UK/DE)
_Ministry of Sound (London/ Berlin, UK/DE)
_m2m.medien.marken.musik (Hamburg/ Berlin, DE)
_Lowave (Paris, FR)
_Bayerischer Rundfunk (Munich, DE)
_United Parcel Service (Nuremberg, DE)
_Morgenroth Design (Fürth, DE)
_lichtmal (Nuremberg, DE)
_Salumeria Sorrento (Nuremberg, DE)
_City of Nuremberg (Nuremberg, DE)
_Filmhaus Nürnberg (Nuremberg, DE)
_Filmbuero Franken (Nuremberg, DE)
_Filmrakete (Nuremberg)
_3000.films (Berlin, DE)
_Teatro Aenigma (Osimo, IT)

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